08 Nov 2017

New Izh: a Motorcycle of a Representative Class


Kalashnikov is known primarily as a manufacturer of weapons, but recently the Concern is actively developing other promising directions. In addition to automatic and sniper weapons, hunting rifles and sports rifles, Kalashnikov creates remotely controlled combat modules, unmanned aerial vehicles and special purpose boats. The field of the Concern's business includes motor vehicles, what is more, quite modern motor vehicles.

It was Izhevsk where in 1929 the very first domestic motorcycles under the brand of Izh were manufactured. Mass production of motorcycles began at the Izhevsk Machine-Building Plant in 1946. In total, more than 10 million different models were produced over six decades. Thus, the Izhmash company was known far beyond our country not only for the legendary Kalashnikov assault rifle, but also for its motorcycles.

Nowadays, Kalashnikov is reviving the production of Izh motorcycles, which was closed in 2008. At the end of this August, at the Army-2017 forum the Concern presented a new model of a motorcycle with an electric power unit. Right after the forum, several such motorcycles were handed over to the Moscow police for testing in real conditions. In addition, the concept of a new heavy motorcycle was shown at the Army-2017 forum.

A prototype of this model was presented recently at the Russia looking to the future exhibition in the Manezh Central Exhibition Hall. In particular, the heavy Izh motorcycle produced by the Kalashnikov Concern was demonstrated to Vladimir Putin.

The new model features a bright futuristic design - streamlined shapes, large casings on wheels, elongated silhouette. The length of the motorcycle is almost 3 meters, and the weight exceeds half a ton. At the same time, the maximum speed of the motorcycle reaches 250 km/h, and it accelerates to 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds.

The first batch of heavy Izh motorcycles will be produced in 2018. It is supposed that they will be used within the framework of the Cortege project, which envisages the development of Russian representative vehicles - limousine, offroader, minivan and sedan.